2024 the 6th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Algorithm

October 11-13, 2024 | Sanya, China
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ConferenceOct.11-13, 2024


Only the original, unpublished papers in 4-15 pages, written in English will be accpetable. A preliminary review will be conducted by the main editor to make sure all papers are included in the call-for-paper areas of this conference, if not, the submission will be rejected or seggested to other applicable conferences. On this occasion, only the approved papers will be sent for peer-reviewed. The included submissions will then be numbered and sent to the conference committee members(reviewers) for peer-review, the author names, emails and affiliations were removed constantly in this porocess.

For the peer review process, each reviewer will be asked to fill in the reviewing form and 9 criterias in total are to be scored (5-point scale, with 1=lowest and 5=highest), including:

①Originality: Is the work relevant and novel

②Motivation: Does the problem considered have a sound motivation

③Repetition: Have significant parts of the manuscript already been published

④Length: Is the content of the work of sufficient scientific interest to justify its length

⑤Conclusion: Does the paper contain a carefully conclusion, summarizing what has been learned and why it is useful

⑥Reference: Is the reference adequate and necessary

⑦Structure: Is the manuscript structure(including the title, abstract and the content) rational

⑧Language: Is the language accurate and readable

⑨Diagrams, figures, tables and captions: Are they essential and clear

⑩Also the reviewer will give an overall evaluation or Detailed reviewing result(if any). In the end of the form, the final decision of Accept/Revision/Reject should be selected. No matter which selection the paper was marked, we send the whole reviewing form to the authors. When it is marked by Revision, we will have a double check of the revised papers before acceptation.

1. Full Papers(Presentation and Publication)

Submitted research track and application track manuscripts will be at least 4 pages, up to 15 pages(Single column) and REQUIRED to be formatted using the Proceedings template in WORD. The submitted papers can only be in the format of PDF or WORD. At least one author of each accepted paper is required to attend the conference and present the paper. 

Regular Papers: 4-6 pages (Single column), including all figures, tables, and references. Additional pages will be charged.

Language: All submitted papers or abstracts should be written in English.

Areas: Please note that submissions in areas related to social science, humanity, economy and management will not be accepted.

2. Abstract (Presentation Only)
Accepted abstract will be invited to give the poster or oral presentation at the conference, while the abstracts will not be published. All accepted abstracts will be collected in the Conference Manual - Abstracts.

3.Listeners & Groups & Sponsors
Interested Listeners & Groups & Sponsors, please contact the conference seceraty for details.

The degree to which the paper deals with the above issues is fundamental to a successful review and selection of the paper. The most frequent cause of rejections of submitted papers is a lack of new results. Duplicated submissions to concurrent conferences must be avoided. All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee on the basis of technical quality, relevance to scope of the conference, originality, significance, and clarity.